School LIFE

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We work with each student to make sure they meet Indiana requirements for graduation. Many of our students come to us behind in credits.

Our program enables students to earn credits at the pace that will help them graduate on time, or even early.

One-on-one help is available when students are stuck and need help, whether it’s step-by-step problem solving in math or reading Romantic literature.


And we know that the best learning often doesn’t take place inside of a school building. We love giving our students new experiences, whether it be day trips to big cities, fun, local events, or overnight hiking trips. This builds relationships with each other and offers new ways of seeing the world.

Each student gets to go on at least one day trip per semester. More are available to students to good standing.


The big word at our school is family. We believe that the best way for a student to thrive is when they know they have a place and a group of people they belong to and are accepted and loved no matter where they are or what they’ve done in life.

Every day we work to build a family culture that encourages and supports one another.

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